Spring 2018: Volume 6, Issue 2


Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Examining the Mandatory (and Additional) Financial Burden of Postsecondary Education

VICTORIA G. BLACK,The University of Texas at Austin

 ZACHARY W. TAYLOR, The University of Texas at Austin

CRITICAL FORUM: School Physical Activity Programs

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: Background and Implications

ASHLEY N. PHELPS, The University of Texas at Austin

Translating Research to Practice: Getting Started with Afterschool-Based Physical Activity Programs

MARK URTEL, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Physical Education Within a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

KENT A. LORRENZ, San Francisco State University

The Active Schools Movement: Helping to Create Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs in All K-12 Schools

CHARLENE BURGESON, Let’s Move! Active Schools

Exploring Teacher and Student Perceptions of the Impact of Two Recess Periods per Day

HEATHER ERWIN, University of Kentucky

CRITICAL FORUM: Immigrant Students in Language Arts Classrooms

Immigrant Student Identities in Literacy Spaces

LAKEYA OMOGUN, The University of Texas at Austin

I am Not a Taco: Using Poetry to Negotiate Students’ Identities

STEVEN J. ARENAS, Carl Hayden Community High School

Centering the Marginalized Identities of Immigrant Students of Color in the Literacy Classroom

GLADYS Y. APONTE, City University of New York