Peer Review Policy and Process

TxEd Peer Review Policy and Process

About TxEd Peer Reviewers:

    • Texas Education Review (TxEd) peer reviewers are students at The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) who have an advanced degree in Education or related fields.  Peer reviewers also should have prior reviewing experience and should have done research, writing, and/or study in the area she or he is being asked to review.
    • Peer reviewers include members of the TxEd Editorial Board and selected UT Austin graduate students.  Reviewers understand the importance of individual, as well as group work deadlines.

About the TxEd Peer Review process:

    1. Published TxEd manuscripts and editorials serve as examples of the content and writing style appropriate for our audience.
    2. Manuscripts and editorials will be considered for publication on the basis of their originality, advancement of a significant issue in education, scholarly competence and lack of technical jargon, and ability to follow TxEd guidelines.
    3. Upon receipt, manuscripts and editorials will be read by two peer reviewers to determine publication eligibility.
    4. Manuscripts and editorials are subject to a blind peer review process handled by the Managing Editor, who is an Executive Board member.  Manuscripts and editorials must pass both reviews to be considered for publication.
    5. The Managing Editor determines whether the manuscript and/or editorial should be 1. accepted with minor changes; 2. returned to the author(s) for a revise and resubmit; or 3. rejected.
    6. Authors will receive written feedback regarding minor changes, as well as needed changes to be considered for a revise and resubmit.
    7. All revisions required for publication must be met by the deadline provided for the authors by the Managing Editor.  The Managing Editor establishes the TxEd yearly publication timeline and therefore determines when a manuscript and/or editorial is ready for publication.
    8. Authors retain copyright over the articles published in TxEd.  However, authors grant the journal rights to make content available on-line, in perpetuity.  Authors may reproduce their content in subsequent publication, but TxEd must be acknowledged as the original publisher.

Created by Melinda Lemke, founding Managing Editor

Updated: September 20, 2018

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