Fall 2014: Volume 2, Issue 2


An Overview on Bilingual Education: Historical Rise and Opposing Views 

Eric Ruiz Bybee, MEd, Kathryn I. Henderson, MEd, Roel V. Hinojosa, MA, MS 

An Overview of School Finance Policy: Key Federal and State Litigation 

Melinda A. Lemke, MEd, Katie Jackson, MEd, Meghan D. Lehr, MA

An Overview of Game Based Learning: Motivations and Authentic Learning Experiences  

Sa Liu, MAJina Kang, MA

An Overview on STEM Education: Achievements and Challenges in the Age of Innovation 

Charles Lu, PhD

An Overview on Urban Education: A Brief History and Contemporary Issues 

Kristine J. Massey, MA, Amber S. Warrington, MA, Kathlene A. Holmes, MEd 

An Overview of Campus Climate: Dimensions of Diversity in Higher Education 

Ryan A. Miller, MEd

An Overview of Black Achievement: Current Trends at all Levels of the Education Trajectory 

Leann V. Smith, BA, Stacey Jackson, MS, MA 

The Texas Miracle: Racial Discrimination Alive and Well Sixty Years After Brown

Raúl R, Calvoz, Bradley W. Davis, PhD