Fall 2018: Special Issue


Welcome to the Fall 2018 Special Issue of the Texas Education Review, “The Politics of (Un)deservedness and (In)visibility: Examining Economic Justice Issues in Education.”

This issue features pieces from graduate students at the State University of New York at Buffalo with a special focus on how social, cultural, economic, geographic, and political factors impact educational access and equity for all students.

Comments and feedback about the issue can be directed to the Special Issue Editor, Melinda Lemke, PhD, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, State University of New York at Buffalo: Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 470 Baldy Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1000, USA. Email: malemke@buffalo.edu

The Politics of (Un)deservedness and (In)visibility: Examining Economic Justice Issues in Education

MELINDA LEMKE, University at Buffalo

ESSA, Low-Wage Migrants, and the Persistent Neoliberal Education Structure

KATHLEEN REEB-REASCOS, University at Buffalo

JENNIFER SERNIUK, University at Buffalo

Paradoxical Choices: The Realities and Privatized Education for Latino Students

JON C. VEENIS, University at Buffalo

Charter Schools: The Destruction of Teacher Certification in New York State

MICHELLE WING, University at Buffalo

JENNIFER SABODA, University at Buffalo

Excelsior, New York States’ “Free” College Scholarship

CHRISTIAN PIERCE, University at Buffalo

JUSTIN SIRACO, University at Buffalo

Prison Reform and Redemption for Whom?


Avenues into the Street Economy: Childhood Trauma and the Unsuccessful Navigation of the Public Education System in the United States

TARA-JENEIL S. FENTON, University at Buffalo