Fall 2013: Volume 1


To the Times in Which We Live  

Texas Education Review Editorial Board


Leading Change with Technology-Enhanced Education at The University of Texas at Austin: Five Guiding Principles  

William Powers, Jr., JD

Legislative Update – 83rd Texas Legislature 

Representative Jimmie Don Aycock, DVM

Education: Key to Continuing the “Texas Miracle” 

Representative Donna Howard, MA

The Barriers and Route to Texas School Finance Equity  

Albert Kauffman, JD

Language Policy Insights: A New Hope for Educating Our Latino Population 

Nancy Compean-Garcia, EdD & Samuel Garcia, EdD

Community, Home, and School Partnerships: A Critical Issue in Bilingual Education   

Claudia Peralta, PhD

Improving Campus Climate: The Role of Social Justice                                                

Connie T. Wolfe, PhD & Janine Kay Gwen Chi, PhD

Twenty Years of Charter Schools: What We’ve Learned  

Mike Feinberg, MEd

Reframing the Refrain: Choice as a Civil Rights Issue  

Julian Vasquez Heilig, PhD

“Learn by doing” with the Modern Textbook 

Smita Bakshi, PhD, MBA

A Brief History of (EdTech) Time  

Betsy Corcoran

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?  

Robert Metcalfe, PhD

Tinker: A Doctrine Whose Time Has Gone  

Jim Walsh, JD

Why Game Developers and Educators Need to Work Together  

Jenn Bullard

Learning Systems, Not Games  

James Paul Gee, PhD

Deconstructing Ogbu’s Acting White Thesis: An Africentric Critique  

Kevin Cokley, PhD

From Problem to Prizewinners: Recalibrating Perspectives on Black Student Achievement  

Richard Reddick, PhD

Skipping Away from Inanity: Towards a Whimsical Queering of Educational Policy 

Catherine A. Lugg, PhD & Jason Murphy, EdM

Can We Get “There” from “Here?”: An Argument for Improved Climate Science Education Through Texas State Adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards  

K.C. Busch, MA & Jonathan Osborne, PhD

Supporting Minority Male Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Disciplines 

Lorenzo Esters, EdD & Ivory Toldson, PhD

Addressing the Teacher Quality Gap Before Making the Hiring Decision                       

Ebbie Parsons, III, EdD

Living the Legacies and Continuing the Struggle: Immigration, PreK-16 Education and Transnationalism  

Michelle Knight, PhD

A Critical Patriotism for Urban Schooling: A Call for a Pedagogy Against Fear and Denial and For Democracy  

Peter McLaren, PhD