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Volume 5, Issue 2

Critical Forum: South Asian Americans in Higher Education:

South Asian Americans in Higher Education: Background and Future Directions

Justin T. Samuel, MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Emerging Considerations for Diversity Education of South Asian American Students

Purvi Patel, MA, Washington University in St. Louis and Viraj Patel, MEd, University of Pennsylvania

Lions, Tigers, and South Asian Greeks: Oh, My! The Opportunity for More Research!

Bilal Badruddin, MEd, Howard University

False Binaries: Recentering South Asian Identity for Healing

Shruti Desai, MEd, McKendree University

Critical Forum: Reflecting on Modern Public-School Teacher Experience: 

Reflecting on Modern Public-School Teacher Experience: An Overview of Select Challenges Facing the Educator Workforce with an Emphasis on Teachers of Color

Wesley L. Edwards, MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Integration and the Achievement Gap: Innovation in Dallas, Texas

Will Maddox, MA, Dallas Independent School District

Understanding the Role of Teacher Decision-Making in Voluntary Teacher Turnover: A Review

Sara Kemper, MEd, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Avoiding the Gaze of the Test: High Stakes Literacy Policy Implementation

Thea Williamson, MEd, The University of Texas at Austin

Critical Forum: STEM Education

Arizona’s Rising STEM Occupational Demands and Declining Participation in the Scientific Workforce: An Examination of Attitudes among African Americans toward STEM College Majors and Careers

Jerlando F. L.  Jackson, PhD., University of Wisconsin–Madison, LaVar J. Charleston, PhD., University of Wisconsin–Madison, Chance W. Lewis, PhD., University of North Carolina–Charlotte, Juan E. Gilbert, PhD., University of Florida, and Walter P. Parrish III, MSEd., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Book Review: 

Review of Jean Conteh and Gabriela Meier (Eds). (2014), The Multilingual Turn in Languages Education: Opportunities and Challenges. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 328 pages.

Astrid N. Sambolín Morales, MA, University of Colorado Boulder

Volume 5, Issue 1

Critical Forum: Rural Students and Higher Education

Rural Students and Higher Education: An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities

Ashley N. Stone, MSEd, The University of Texas at Austin

Writing Rural: Critical Perspectives on Rural Students and the College Going Experience

Kathleen E. Gillon, PhD, University of Maine

“To Be There is Important”: Place-Attachment in Rural Community College Students as Motivation for Staying Local

Jesse Moon Longhurst, PhD, Southern Oregon University

Meeting Needs or Exacerbating Barriers: The Role of Ohio’s Early College Policy in Rural Students’ College Enrollment and Persistence

J. Kessa Roberts, MS, The Ohio State University

Higher Education for Rural Students in Texas: A Philanthropic Perspective

Wynn Rosser, PhD and Leslie Gurrola, T.L.L. Temple Foundation, Greater Texas Foundation

Critical Forum: Language Ideologies in Bilingual Education

An Overview of Language Ideologies in Bilingual Education

Andrew H. Hurie, MS and Enrique David Degollado, MEd, The University of Texas at Austin

Language Ideologies in Bilingual Education Policy and Practice

Mileidis Gort, Ed.D., University of Colorado, Boulder

The Specter of Semilingualism in the Bilingualism of Latino Students

Nelson Flores, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Dual Language Education and the Erasure of Chicanx, Latinx, and Indigenous Mexican Children: A Call to Re-imagine (and Imagine Beyond) Bilingualism

Ramón Antonio Martínez, PhD, Stanford University