Volume 2, Issue 1



To Be of Use: A Narrative Roadmap for Creating an Open-Access, Peer-Reviewed, Graduate Student Educational Journal  Melinda A. Lemke, MEd, Meghan D. Lehr, MA,  Raul R. Calvoz, JD, MBA

Featured Articles

Premedical Students’ Orientation toward Education: Challenges for the Pipeline into Medical School  Mitchell Chang, PhD, Michael Soh, MA, Kevin Eagan, PhD, Sylvia Hurtado, PhD 

The Study of Latino Education  Antonia Darder, PhD, Rodolfo D. Torres, PhD

Cream Skimming in Texas: A Comparison of the Characteristics of Students Entering High-Profile Charter Schools in the Same Zip Code  Ed Fuller, PhD

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Leading Our Nation’s Effort to Improve the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Pipeline   Marybeth Gasman, PhD,  Thai-Huy Nguyen

Education in Urban Spaces: False Notions About Solutions and Little Attention to Social Justice   Carl A. Grant, PhD, Alexandra Allweiss, MA

Motivating Students to Learn Using A Game-Based Learning Approach: Gaming and Education Issue  Min Liu, EdD

Campus Climate for Diversity: Current Realities and Suggestions for the Future  Annemarie Vaccaro, PhD

Critical Issue Overview

An Overview on Charter Schools: Historical Rise and Opposing Views  Lindsay D. Redd, MA, Anthony V. LeClair, MEd, Samuel J. Goessling, MA